moments agoSheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: Spanners / Spanner Set Please (S11 - Bannercross) Many thanks
14-Aug-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: Car Jump Leads Please (S11 - Bannercross) Cheers
14-Aug-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: Car Battery Charger Please - S11 - Bannercross Many thanks
14-Aug-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: Socket Set for Bolts/Nuts Please (Greystones - S11) Many thanks.
14-Aug-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: Haynes Manual VW T25 Air-Cooled Please (S11 - Greystones)) Cheers
13-Aug-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
If you are taking up a floor I could use the old boards for upcycling into frames for my paintings!
Looking for a working washer and dryer. Thank you
My kitties and dog need a working vacuum. I thank you.
10-Aug-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a rocking moose toy (IKEA) for my little grandson, if anyone has one that's been outgrown. He has played on one of these and loved it. Many thanks
7-Aug-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
We are looking to do lots of fundraising to save our club so please consider us if you are throwing things away - thank you!
4-Aug-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a set of bunk beds for a child's bedroom. Any colour not fussed, they are for a family who are moving from a furnished property to an unfurnished property. Thanks for any help
1-Aug-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
For a charity boot sale we are looking for lots of different bits to put on our stall to save our canoe club! We are willing to pick bits up, so instead of dropping things at a charity shop, we would be very grateful for your help. Thank you!
31-Jul-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: Steering lock and/or Wheel Clamp for Car Please Many thanks.
Looking for a glider or rocking chair to add to our growing nursery. Ideally with an ottoman and the ability to recline. Thank you in advance!
27-Jul-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
Does anyone have a broken Vax Pet model U87-MA-Pe going spare. I dropped mine last night and broke the casing at the bottom so hoping i can find a spare carcase to make a new hoover using my motor. Its a long shot I know but would be appreciated if you have one lying around. Thank you for reading.
27-Jul-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for some jam jars with lids please for jam making. Many thanks.
21-Jul-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
it is an exercise machine
19-Jul-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
Hello I'm looking for a double bed for our spare room if anyone can help? Thanks!
Beginning knitting projects for homeless shelters socks, toys for kids etc.
15-Jul-2018Sheffield, MA +19 milesItems Wanted
Hi all I would like to take my children camping like we did as children can anyone help us please we will really appreciate it thank you in advance
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